Backups are no longer a luxury, rather it’s a necessity.

Surprisingly, many businesses are hesitant to invest in a good BDR solution. Many of their reasons are valid, especially for those that are not familiar with backup disaster recovery. Some are hesitant to hire or upgrade BDR services because business owners feel as though they have backups covered (amongst the several other hats they are wearing). Where others are just intimidated by the price or even uneducated on why backups are important. However, think about it this way…


Your vehicle is a necessity.

You could take public transportation, but that’s not the safest option. Plus you never know if someone will steal your wallet, basically hacking into your system. So a vehicle, similar to BDR is a necessary evil. Once you have that vehicle, who will take care of the maintenance? Same with BDR, once you’ve finally invested in a good backup, who will deal with the maintenance? It seems daunting, especially because you really were hesitant about making the investment in the first place, and now you have more to do just to keep yourself safe.


Do you change your own oil on your vehicle, or do you take it into the dealership to have it serviced? You may not do it yourself because you don’t know how, or simply because you don’t want to use your valuable time doing that. So instead of changing your oil yourself, you can sit comfortably in the waiting room and check emails, catch up on client calls and even work remotely. Meanwhile, the mechanic changes the oil, filters and maybe even does a tire rotation. It’s a win-win, your necessity is now ensured to run smooth and you managed to catch up on a lot of work while the mechanic spruced everything up.


For a business, BDR works in the same way. In this situation, we’re your mechanic. We will do the diagnostics for you, find out the oil you need for your business. Then we will do the continued maintenance, checking your filters, rotating tires and anything else that may be necessary. Creating an on-site BDR solution with external backup to the cloud. So, no matter what disaster may hit, your important data is current and never corrupted. 24/7 support is something else that BDR offers. Who wouldn’t want 24/7 roadside assistance? Or in this case, 24/7 BDR assistance.


With all of this covered, you can go back to actually taking care of important business matters. Not only that, but your business will never run low on oil or run off of dirty (corrupted) oil, because your “mechanic” will be there fixing any issues before you even know they exist.

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