About Us

CJS Associates was founded in November 2000 with the goal of providing Small and Medium Business owners with the best technology advice and support available. We blend a combination of Industry Best Practices, Big-Business Know-how, Common Sense, and our own Business Success to become our clients’ “Virtual CTO”.

Our History

Our founders have over 25 years of business-building and entrepreneurial success utilizing technology. More importantly we have a heart for Small Businesses and fully understand the impact technology has towards their success. We know the difficult balance Small Businesses must face between balancing budgets, managing client relations, building the future, working with vendors, and keeping employees focused on a common goal. CJS takes the burden of managing technology off an owner’s plate, giving you peace of mind to build your business.

Our Philosophy

CJS Associates believes that Small-to-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) are the heart and soul of our economy. We all can see that technology has become a major part of every SMB’s success. We also know that most SMB owners and staff are generally not technology experts, and spend far too much of their valuable business day wrestling with their computers and networks.

CJS Associates wants your business to be one of the success stories. We strive to make your computers, networks and software so stable and efficient that you forget you are using a computer. We believe that technology should be as predictable and transparent as a pen and paper used to be. By stabilizing the technology foundation of your business, CJS allows the business owner and staff to stay focused on their core business. That helps overall productivity, which increases profitability, which in turn stimulates our economy—and that’s good for us all.

We know technology and we know how business works

Where people and technology come together

The desktop, smartphone and tablet are where your staff get their work done. They need to be healthy, fast, secure and backed up properly!

Connecting teams together

Without a fast, stable and secure network nothing works. CJS knows how to make your network a predictable and valuable partner in making your business run right.

The Cloud can be your partner.

Expensive servers and support may not be right for your business. Let the experts host for you. CJS can help explain the benefits of the right cloud tools for you.


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